The Runner’s Zone
is an online membership platform and community. Our mission is to fast-track clinicians, coaches, and trainers, who are looking to specialize in working with runners.

If you’re ready to get after it, we promise to springboard you into becoming the GO-TO resource in your community. We’ll also help you rediscover your passion for entering the rehab and/or performance space so you can deliver unmatched care and/or coaching.

Powerful Network & Community

Everyday I receive a handful of emails/messages from clinicians, coaches, and trainers, who are looking to develop a niche in working with runners.

While I used to be able to field all these inquiries, it soon became unrealistic. Out of necessity, The Runner’s Zone was born.

Over the past 5 years this group has blossomed into a powerful network and community of top-notch professionals. We all share a passion for all things running and endurance.

In addition to the various lesson plans, tutorials, journal clubs, and resources you’ll gain access to one of the pre-eminent, private Facebook groups related to running and triathlon.

This highly engaged, upbeat group is unlike any other. You’ll have the ability to pose questions to various experts across the rehab, S&C, nutrition, physiology, coaching, and testing domains. We also run cohorts throughout the year for folks who are looking to take a deeper dive on a specific top.

By joining The Runner’s Zone, we promise to put you on the pulse of running while positioning you to become an unmatched resource for your community. Let us give you the knowledge and resources to help you carve out your path to freedom and autonomy in working with runners.

Membership Benefits


A powerful piece of The Runner’s Zone is the private FB group. We are currently 300 members strong! Everyone in the group is upbeat, supportive, and active. Besides serving as a hub for discussion it’s also become a powerful network and resource. Members can reach out or help others connect with the appropriate provider. Chris & his team do live videos throughout the week. They cover various topics related to clinical, coaching, and entrepreneurial matters specific to working with runners and triathletes


Every month I will take members through a lesson plan or presentation on a selected topic. Examples include but are not limited to the following: evaluation and assessment, exercise prescription, manual interventions, footwear considerations, running analysis, program design, and clinical reasoning. In the event that you are unable to attend the presentation in realtime, you can always go back to watch as they’re all archived.


Most folks in the online community know me for the silent videos that I’ve posted over the years. The primary reason that I’ve kept the videos silent is to make them easy for folks to share. It also allows practitioners to plug in their own verbiage. While the videos often seem completely random, they each serve a specific purpose for runners. In these tutorials I elaborate on the “why” of the various exercises and discuss how they fit into the rehab and performance.


When it comes to research, everything comes with date. Staying on top of the medical and performance literature is therefore critical if we are strive to be on the cutting edge while positioning ourselves to best help our patients and clients. Once a month Jeff Bonezzi and I lead a journal club through zoom that is open to 10 members. All meetings will be recorded and archived for members to view at their convenience.


It’s important to watch runners run. You’d be surprised how often clinicians neglect performing a running analysis. Over the past few years, a wealth of research has emerged that has refined our understanding of the running gait and gait re-training. In this section, we introduce “The S’s of Running Analysis.” It’s a simple evidence-based framework that helps breakdown one’s running in minutes. We’ll also share several cases using this approach so you get to see how things shake down in real time.

Ready to

Get After it?

  • Private Facebook Community
  • Lesson Plans
  • Video Tutorials
  • Journal Club
  • Running Gait Analysis
  • Your card will be charged monthly
  • DOES NOT include strategy call
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Lesson Plans
  • Video Tutorials
  • Journal Club
  • Running Gait Analysis
  • Your card will be charged annually
  • Includes a 45 minute strategy call


Listen, read, comment, try it out… Runner’s Zone is a continuous wealth of knowledge you can access at any point in your day, in any form. I follow several groups on facebook but RZ is honestly the most engaging. Chris and his team really set the tone with open discussions that welcome all comments and questions. And its not just Chris heading these up. Other members are often sharing current research, complex patient cases and awesome gems I find myself immediately applying to my practice and clinical reasoning. They even have guests come on for facebook live videos you can watch at any point. RZ is primarily based on running and endurance athletes but the information is applicable to so many other populations. Having access to this community and its resources is one of the most valuable things I’ve found on social media.

Paul Ochoa DPT

Owner/Director, F-Squared PT

I’ve been following Chris Johnson and his crew for a few years now. I can’t say enough about how much I’ve learned from them! They are consistently putting out relevant and recent information that I don’t want to miss! As a physical therapist who works primarily with endurance athletes, they are my go to resource for so many topics including but not limited to rehabilitation, pain science, strength and conditioning, and coaching!

Tejal Ramaiya

Owner/Director, Body Moksha

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