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Hi! I’m Chris Johnson.

I’m a Seattle-based physical therapist, performance coach, athlete, & speaker.

My passion lies in migrating avid runners & triathletes out of the medical system & on to peak performance.  


“You are only as good as your last injury and the extent to which you rehabbed it.”

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As a physical therapist and performance coach, I work with athletes across the injury to performance spectrum. So, irrespective if you are a newbie, seasoned age-grouper or a world-class athlete whose livelihood revolves around performing on race day, let’s figure out how to bring your goals and ambitions to fruition. 

I promise to save you considerable time and energy on this journey while helping you accomplish feats you never thought possible. Onward!

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I have been an endurance athlete for over a decade as well as a competitive lacrosse player for most of my life.  In that time, I have dealt with too many trainers and even more chiropractors.

I can honestly say that I will never go to another now that I have worked with Chris Johnson. Chris will be the only physical therapist and trainer that I will ever trust my recovery to for any injury for so long as he is willing to put up with me.

My injuries throughout the years have stacked up but, most recently, I went through a pair of surgical procedures for my lower back.  The first was a discectomy and the second was a fusion of the same area about 6 months later.  After the first surgery, I went against the doctor’s recommendation and saw a therapist, who was closer to my office.  I left that session in much more pain than when I arrived and vowed never to return.  The problem there was that they were not taking the time to understand the limits of my body, but treated me from a textbook that stated my flexibility should be “x” and the proper stretching technique was “y”.

When I went to see Chris, it was simply different; we spent a lot of time discussing my history, pain triggers, and the goals that I had for my future athletic endeavors.  Chris took the time to understand my body, its inherent limits, and the things that I would be asking of it in years to come.  He then gauged and created a specific regiment to cater to that recovery with all factors feeding into the plan.

We spent a lot of time working on balance and core strength, but not the “core strength” that you see on infomercials…the real thing.  Looking at how your body responds to unpredictability and abnormal influences and then building a program to enable that reaction without concern.  Truly understanding how far to stretch a muscle, and how frequently, was never something that I had taken into consideration, but I do now.

I had the second surgery just over a year ago and have already competed in the USA Track and Field 50k Nationals, the New Jersey 100 mile ultramarathon, a 24 hour adventure race, and a number of shorter races.  I owe this all to Chris and Dave Matusz (the surgeon who operated on my back).  I have a full slate of races scheduled for this year, including another IronMan and a 3 day adventure race.   Again, all thanks to Chris and Dave.

Another benefit of working with Chris was the fact that I could talk to him about other injuries, not just the pains in my back.  I have a type 4 separation on my right shoulder and a type 3 separation on my left (mountain biking accidents).  He was also able to help me increase my strength and stability there, which has allowed me to improve my swim times.

Now that I have fully recovered, I can honestly say that I am a stronger athlete and more in tune with my body than I was in the years before the surgery.  I expect to crush my old records and to be even more competitive than I was in my late 20s…..

Thanks again to Chris.

Chris Rice - Ultra endurance Athlete & 2x Badwater Finisher

I came to Chris with bilateral knee pain that prevented training and racing for over a year. After working with Chris through his compassionate, organized and evidence based approach I was able to return stronger and faster than ever before. My first race back was Ironman Texas this past Spring and included a 30 min PR and my first time qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Kona. If you are an injured (endurance) athlete and are unwilling to settle for nothing but the best, Chris is the obvious choice to put you on the path to recovery while positioning to you to reach you personal best.

Dr. Dewayne Bradley

Physician, The Poly Clinic of Seattle