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If you’re an athlete, who’s dealing with pain and/or functional limitations, please schedule a physical therapy consultation HERE.

Note: I provide both in-person and virtual physical therapy appointments for those who live in WA state. 

If you are free of injury and looking for endurance coaching, please contact me HERE

Student & Professional Mentorship

Looking for mentorship? Your best options are as follows:

Speaking & Consulting

Interested in hiring me to speak or as a consultant? Contact me HERE

Digital Products & Courses

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Looking To Get In Touch?

As an entrepreneur, father, and triathlete life can be a juggling act. On occasion, this makes it difficult to follow up on emails which is why I’ve created this contact page so you can best get in touch with me and my team around your specific needs.

In the event that you’ve tried to contact me on social media, please know that your DM is important and I read it though I may not be able to respond. If you have a specific inquiry, below are the ways that you can contact me and you can expect a response within 48-72hrs.

Thank you for reaching out.


This site relates to my opinions and thoughts regarding specific subject matter related to physical therapy and performance coaching. Please keep in mind that application of this material is a personal choice, and in no way, shape, or form is the author responsible for those choices. Readers are encouraged to solely operate within the scope of practice and should contact their state or governing body or professional organization in the event of any questions. Examination, treatment, intervention, and rehabilitation for athletes should only be performed by a licensed medical professional. Anyone experiencing pain, discomfort, abnormal sensation, or other symptoms should stop immediately from any advice offered and seek formal medical consultation.

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