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Chris combines the best available evidence with his rich experience as a physical therapist, performance coach, and athlete to deliver dynamic, interactive, and enlightening presentations.

Come join us for an upcoming workshop. See below for a list of featured presentations and upcoming courses.

System of a Run Course – comprehensive two day course designed for clinicians to develop a refined perspective of working with runners along the entire injury to performance spectrum. If you are looking for the ultimate combination of clinical reasoning, and readily implementable skills and information, this is the course for you. It covers topics including but not limited to pain science, patient-therapist interaction, contextualized biomechanics, running specific assessments, exercise prescription, running analysis, strength and conditioning principles, and footwear considerations.

The Simple Shoulder Complex – having spent a considerable amount of time recovering from my own shoulder issues in conjunction with working in a research capacity largely focusing on the shoulder, I developed this one day course to help clinicians improve their outcomes in working with patients presenting with shoulder complaints through a simple, evidence-based framework. Specific attention is given to the overhead athlete and swimmer considering my work with triathletes.

System of a Run Crash Course – one day highlights course that touches on a variety of topics from the more comprehensive two day course. Specific attention is given to conducing a run-centric subjective, evaluation/assessment, exercise prescription, and running analysis, and return to running program. All information is presented in a manner consistent with the bio-psycho-social model of pain.

By Land & By Sea – this two day course is specifically designed for clinicians, who have a keen interest in working with triathletes. Considering the performance demands and injury patterns of each discipline of triathlon, athletes are likely to experience shoulder pain from swimming and lower extremity issues from running. When bike injuries do occur they primarily stem from poor fit excluding trauma. This course pulls several key concepts from System of a Run as well as The Simple Shoulder Complex to foster refined decision making and improved outcomes for the “triple threat” that is triathlon.

System of a Run | Two Day Workshop

Premier Orthopedic & Sports Med

West Chester, PA | Apr 22-23

Thanks to Brad Papson and the Premier Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group, I finally get to return to my home state of Pennsylvania to share my perspective on working with runners along the injury to performance spectrum. This course is approved for CEUs by the state of Pennsylvania for licensed physical therapists though it is also open to chiropractors and physicians.

Therapeutic Exercise Prescription for Runners – Pillars & Progressions


New York, NY | Apr 25th | 7:15-9:30pm

Thanks to SKY HEALTH NYC, I will be returning to my old stomping ground that is NYC to deliver a 2hr crash course on therapeutic exercise prescription for runners. I will specifically introduced the major exercises that I use during the rehab process to successfully return runners back to consistent and healthy training.

System of a Run – Crash Course

Overlake Hospital

Bellevue, WA | May 13

Last Spring I was fortunate to spend a day with team at Overlake hospital while teaching “The Simple Shoulder Complex.” This Spring I will be returning to teach my “System of a Run – Crash Course.” This is a private event though please email me if you are interested in reserving a spot — info@zerenpt.com

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