Chris combines the best available research with his rich experience as a physical therapist, performance coach, and athlete to deliver dynamic, interactive, and engaging presentations. Come join us for an upcoming workshop. See below for a list of featured presentations and upcoming courses.


Comprehensive two day course designed for clinicians to develop a refined perspective of working with runners along the entire injury to performance spectrum. If you are looking for the ultimate combination of clinical reasoning, and readily implementable skills and information, this is the course for you. It covers topics including but not limited to pain science, patient-therapist interaction, contextualized biomechanics, running specific assessments, exercise prescription, running analysis, strength and conditioning principles, and footwear considerations.


Bone stress injuries and tendon disorders are ubiquitous with endurance sports and pose a significant challenge to both athletes and clinicians. This 2-day master course, which is led by Chris Johnson & Nathan Carlson, is designed for clinicians who are looking to take a deep dive on these topics for the sake of improving outcomes in working with runners and triathletes who have incurred such injuries and looking to return to consistent and healthy training. The information contained in this course will have you well positioned to become the go-to authority in your region for endurance athletes looking to reclaim their mojo.

Bones, Tendons, Weights & Whistles

Virtual 3 -Part Course

Chris Johnson & Nathan Carlson

Feb 6th | Feb 20th | Mar 6th 2021